Today in the city Jupiter Inlet Colony 20.08.2017
A quiet day in Puerto Rico's Old San Juan

Madeleine Woo went on a cruise in July with her family. At a port call in Puerto Rico she took this photo of a deserted street in Old San Juan, the island’s oldest settlement. She liked the colonial a...

Uber's Fresh Start: Can A 61-Year-Old GE Vet Bring Good Things To Life?

The frontrunner in Uber's CEO search is apparently former GE boss Jeff Immelt. His heft and resume certainly seem a good fit for bringing order to Uber's chaos, but it's less clear he's the right man...

Jeff Immelt has emerged as the frontrunner to become Uber’s CEO

While the tension remains high, sources tell Recode that support is coalescing around the experienced Immelt.

Fresh Air Weekend: Novelist Max Brooks; 'What She Ate'; Poet Molly McCully Brown

Brooks discusses Minecraft: The Island. Maureen Corrigan recommends a book about the appetites of notable women. Brown, who has cerebral palsy, imagines life inside the "Virginia State Colony."

Space Photos of the Week: Neighboring Galaxies Got a Star Factory Going

A jellyfish galaxy with a supermassive black hole, Jupiter's many clouds, and stunning views of Titan this week in space.

Charlottesville and Stellenbosch: twin towns hiding a history of oppression

The university towns in Virginia and South Africa are picturesque on the surface. But a closer look reveals another similarity: a sense of ‘genteel denialism’John Edwin Mason first visited South Afric...

The One Astrological Trait All Millennials Have In Common

By design, astrology helps us find our people, whether we're scouring compatibility theories or bonding over a shared planetary placement. Some of these groups are bigger than others — and, turns out...

Stunning new view of Jupiter flips Great Red Spot on its side

A new view of Jupiter takes the usual shot of the planet's Great Red Spot and flips it on its side. The captivating new perspective comes from an image created by two citizen scientists who used data...

Pint-Sized Malibu Colony Cottage Owned by Late Media Mogul Jerry Perenchio Comes For Sale (EXCLUSIVE)

SELLER: Estate of A. Jerrold “Jerry” Perenchio LOCATON: Malibu, CA PRICE: $5,495,000 SIZE: 936-square feet, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom plus detached guest quarters with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom YOUR MAMA’...

Jupiter's Great Red Spot rages in NASA image - CNET

With a little processing help, a NASA Juno spacecraft image of Jupiter shows off the planet's stormy beauty.

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